Anthony Nguyen


Xfinity Editorial Design Direction

Color, Texture & Depth. Oh My!

Through our color palette we have the opportunity to present a core principle from our design system. Vibrancy. The colors should feel alive, optimistic and energetic.

Tiles can feature multiple design elements, ranging from titles, logos, and imagery. Using depth and textures can assist in providing visual hierarchy and balance.


Leveraging Existing Content

A major pain point that our team recognized was the amount of tiles and content that the editorial team would be tasked with each week. This number would continue to grow over time as we incorporate more partners.

The solution? A tool built from the ground up with pre-set templates, font sizes, and placement. You would be able to upload any background image, fill in up to three lines of text and export an image at size, ready to upload to the system. Production companies provide us with this beautiful cover art, why reinvent the wheel? This allows the team to have more time to focus on larger initiatives.