The Xfinity X1 and Flex brands needed a refresh to the visual style of the editorial content to align closer to the overall Xfinity rebrand. Bringing in bright vibrant colors of the new color palette and focusing on shapes that were pulled from the Xfinity logo were two main goals of this refresh.

Curated collections

This design direction employed on the Xfinity system embraces the Xfinity brand colors alongside large personalities that would be recognizable by the general audience of live TV. The goal was for these to stand out in a gallery where you would sometimes see 5-6 pieces of cover art from movies and shows. We needed these to be simple, and maintain an elegant feel while being able to tell that they were all "Xfinity curated”.

The concepts

Originally we set out to use accent marks on the tiles. The mini-pattern that could be added to the top corners or poster art. Or using a complementary color that could act as a slight highlight/shadow behind a tile. After a few rounds of just exploration with the team we realized that the accent marks acted more as a distraction than anything else.

Our editorial design team was also tasked with exploring potential options that were based solely around text. From experience, we knew that there were moments where content would fall out of licensing windows and would require us to go back and replace tiles with the right talent. This could cause headaches as we scaled the amount of tiles we create across multiple video platforms. Text based tiles could help solve this issue by being a long term solution for certain areas like our genre tiles.

Adding the brand

After meetings with the Xfinity brand team and the key stakeholders we were able to refine the multiple explorations we worked on down to a handful of various templates that could be mixed and matched throughout the rows curated by the Xfinity editorial team.

We kept the strong rounded corners that was inspired by the curves of the Xfinity logo. Instead of using just flat color washes across the tile we opted for the gradients seen above. The tiles always have received great feedback when we're able to provide a bit of depth through the colors, and sillohuetes of the talent.