Xfinity Editorial Design Direction


Embracing Bright Vivid Colors

This design direction employed on the X1 system embraced the use of bright color. Large personalities that would be recognizable by the general audience of live TV. The goal was for these to stand out in a gallery where you would sometimes see 5-6 pieces of cover art from movies and shows. We needed these to be simple, and maintain an elegant feel while being able to tell that they were all “X1 curated”.

A Snapshot of the system UI components by designer Mike Garz

A Snapshot of the system UI components by designer Mike Garz

Leveraging Our System UI

Any customer of X1 knows that the system UI is dark. Focused on black and various shades of gray to a cooler gray color. We wanted to use this opportunity to find colors and bright ways to elevate the tiles above this interface. A way for the tiles to seemingly levitate and live above the UI layer.

Tone & Voice

We also started to do our best to incorporate a more playful tone of voice when necessary. Calling a collection, “Look Who’s In Treble" is more playful and inviting than a plain “a cappella movies.” This combined with the brighter color palette has taken the editorial to uncharted territory, that has been received with sheer joy and excitement.


Color, Texture & Depth. Oh My!

Through our color palette we have the opportunity to present a core principle from our design system. Vibrancy. The colors should feel alive, optimistic and energetic.

Tiles can feature multiple design elements, ranging from titles, logos, and imagery. Using depth and textures can assist in providing visual hierarchy and balance.


Using Provided Content

Our editorial team can be tasked at times to be able to execute on 100’s of tiles within a week. This number would continue to grow as more partners are incorporated into X1.

The solution? A tool built from the ground up with pre-set templates, font sizes, and placement. You would be able to upload any background image, fill in up to three lines of text and export an image at size, ready to upload to the system. Production companies provide us with this beautiful cover art, why reinvent the wheel? This allows the team to have more time to focus on larger initiatives.