Every year Xfinity works with various partners to un-gate premium streaming content for a week. This includes shows from Hulu, HBO Max, AMC+, Showtime, Starz, Epix, and many more. This is a huge opportunity on a platform like Xfinity Flex to show how great it is to have various services that you can connect to on a single device.

This year we wanted to simplify the visuals and realign how the brand would be presented through the tiles and banners. We once again wanted to focus on the talent and content that would be available to customers.

The direction

When we started to explore we knew that in previous years we used every color we could. While this seems great, on execution and seeing it on screen the content started to feel disconnected, and often times it was just too many colors on screen that it became a bit lost with the other content on screen.

It was time to simplify. We narrowed down to a set of three colors, with a focus on limiting how often we would fill the background with a color, choosing to go with a lighter gray background when possible and allowing the colors to fill in background shapes, text, and any housing shapes.

This also helped for tv spots where using a simpler palette allowed nice transition cards, and masking of video and text.