Directed the design and production of PeacockFest 2021, a campaign for the streaming service Peacock. The goal was to grow monthly active accounts and educate customers about the massive library of content that is available for free through Xfinity.

Birds of a Feather

There may not be a better pairing in the video space than Xfinity services alongside Peacock’s streaming service. Xfinity Flex provides a way for customers to attach all of their streaming services in one spot, and Peacock provides a huge library of universally loved content like The Office, Parks & Rec & so much more, all for free.

We’ve spotlighted them in the past, most notably for the early preview of Peacock on Xfinity X1 in April 2020 and then for the national launch in July 2020. This time we wanted to showcase the brand new content that was being released over the summer of 2021 and give the customers a chance to see the breadth of content that falls under the NBC Universal umbrella.

Let's Rock

Working alongside the editorial team, we decided that this campaign should be have the influences of a music festival. The idea of upcoming shows and movies that may be a few days out lends itself perfectly to week long festivals with opening and closing sets. The goals were crystal clear from the beginning, we wanted to see a major lift in monthly active accounts and app launches.

And with that, Peacock Fest 2021 was born. Immediately after the first week’s launch into a planned two week campaign, it was decided that a third week be added on because of the massive lift that we started to see. Performance was stellar.


  • Drive unique app launches
  • Increase monthly active accounts
  • Increase customer retention within the Peacock app
  • Educate customers about the live sports offerings on Peacock


  • 19 straight days of positive net adds
  • Added 1M monthly active accounts
  • Outpaced daily goal of MAA adds by 20,000