Provided the design and the direction for the Experience Music campaign on Xfinity X1. It was a week long promotion that provided free access to Pandora Premium for all X1 customers.

Music for every mood

Most of the time, the best speakers you have in your house are connected to your TV. How great is that, to listen to your favorite music from the best sounding speakers? We knew that customers who used our music experiences loved it, and would come back. We wanted to make sure the campaign would offer them brand new ways to listen, while enticing brand new customers to explore our offerings and find playlist that would suit them.

We introduced the Moods section to help customers find the perfect playlist for whatver they may be doing. Cooking, sitting by a fire, or just need some ambient noise in the background while you work? There's a curated playlist exactly for that!

A Whole new brand

Initially the plan was just a small promotion, a banner or two and we'd call it a day. But the more people we started to talk to, the more excited everyone seemed to get about the idea of promoting music to go alongside our video services.

We wanted to really bring something special to this campaign. This marks one of the first campaigns you'd find on the X1 system that has a very bright color palette. We brought in the familiar play button hape, and layered it with bright vibrant colors to create a bit of depth alongside all of the music artists. The entire campaign lends itself to something that could be evolved upon and reused for further promotional campaigns in upcoming years.


  • Drive unique app launches
  • Educate customers about the music experience and apps on the Xfinity X1 system
  • Develop a unique brand style for future music promotions


  • 270,000 hours of streamed music
  • Increase of 169% for streaming app launches
  • 18% increase in total hours spent within music apps
  • App launches from 240,000 households