Hi there!

I’m currently a lead editorial designer for Xfinity and Flex at Comcast.

Being a devoted gamer my entire life, I can tell you that no team is complete without a support player--the role that is dedicated to making the party more efficient and everyone's job easier, via buffs and non-stop communication. It can sometimes be an overlooked and under-appreciated role, but it is a role that I love and take great pride in playing. I have learned that no matter the size of the party, I am always ready to provide the necessary support for the team to obtain their objective, whether big or small. Interested? Take a look at my stat sheet to see what I’ve accomplished.

I'm logged on, ready to play, and I'm the support you've been searching for. Let’s party up.


Comcast Xfinity, Rokkan, W2O Group, Free People, Happy Cog, Urban Outfitters, 1 Trick Pony

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